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We Could Learn From Them
On our way back from Regina yesterday, I sat in the passenger seat as my husband drove, and watched the vast, unremarkable landscape roll by. Out here in Southern Saskatchewan, it is wide open spaces for miles at a time. My husband claims we could see Saskatoon from Moose Jaw,if Moose Jaw wasn't located down in the Moose River Valley. So you would think that it would be very boring driving along the highway here; especially in the winter when the land is barren and buried under snow.
Yet as we passed the few trees lining the four lane highway, I noticed the birds nests now exposed in the dormant trees. There were a great many of them, and most were really quite large. Some were built in the highest branches, while others were located in the lowest possible juncture of a tree. While it is a common thing to see abandoned nests in dormant trees, the thing I marveled at, was how these nests were able to remain fastened to those trees all winter. On the prairies, trees were planted for the purpose of acting as a wind break for the ferocious winds, that frequently blast their way across these open plains. They are a powerful force, yet the nests built by these small creatures are able to remain intact, to shelter another generation come spring.
They craft these shelters from grass, twigs, mud, and what ever else they find laying around. Sometimes the male builds the nest alone, other times the couple work together on it. They don't require blueprints or an interior designer. I think we could learn from them!