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Cherri, a thirty-something wife and mother of two teen daughters, goes out with her best friend to a popular singles nightclub. Their "girls' night out" turns deadly when they meet some dangerous predators. As Cherri and her friend leave the club, they are attached. Cherri is left to die in a dark alley, while her friend is abducted and later found raped and murdered.

Cherri wakes up in the hospital with vague memories of a mysterious stranger who appeared beside her as she lay dying of her wounds. But her miraculous survival has dark consequences. the stranger she remembers was not human, and the help Adrian offers her is a dark gift. Cherri is horrified to discover that she is now immortal. how can she possibly go back to her old life, and how will her family react to such a shocking revelation?​​​​​​

With Adrian's help​​, Cherri learns to accept and live a new existence, while still holding her old life together. She has a shaky marriage to repair, daughters to nurture, a friend to grieve, a business to run, and a growing attraction to Adrian. She desperately wants to keep her transformation a secret, but secrets have a way of coming out

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